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Final Project (Part 2) Available

The second part of the final project is now available. See the link below for details. Two reminders: no lecture on Monday and Dr. Hornick will be proctoring the lab on Tuesday.


Week 7 Lecture 2: Malware Defenses

For this lecture I presented various malware prevention/detection techniques at the network and host levels. At the end of class we used tcpdump/wireshark to view packets going to three different malware test pages to see the effects of the Safe Browsing API. See slides below.

Week 7 TOTW: Armitage

Armitage is simply the most fun you can have with a BackTrack 5 machine and some vulnerable test servers. Follow the tutorial below on using Armitage to hack Metasploit to bits. This will be useful when you get going on the final project. Report on your results in Blackboard.

Armitage works out of the box on BT5 but takes a while to load. Be patient. I have had mixed results as to which button should be pressed when launching Armitage (Connect or Start MSF). Try both.


Final Project (Part 1) available

The first part of the Final Project is available on this page. In today’s lab we will be forming teams of 4 and starting to design team networks. You should establish team roles and responsibilities today as well.

Week 7 Lecture 1: No class, reading instead

There will be no class today as I have to be off campus unexpectedly. Today’s lecture was supposed to involve Malware Attacks and Defenses. Instead of this lecture I am assigning the reading below which was put together by some folks at Google a few years back. It is a very interesting analysis of malware in the real world. I will start Thursday’s lecture discussing malware defenses.


Week 6 Lecture 2: Malware

For this class I introduced various types of malware including trojan, rootkit, worm and virus. We looked at some examples of each:

  1. Fake Netflix Android App Steals Your Data
  2. Android malware – Works on remote commands form encrypted blog
  3. Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet
  4. Israeli Test on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay
  5. Sony BMG rootkit scandal: 5 years later

Week 6 Lecture 1: Engineering a DDOS

For this class exercise we engineered (but did not implement!) a DDOS solution targeting users at MSOE. See the document linked below for more information.