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Week 3’s TOTW: Nessus

September 20, 2011

We have made considerable use of Nessus so far this quarter but have not looked at it carefully. For this week, run Nessus against your home network. Run scans on the network for all scan types and scan on the differences in the results (if any). Stop any scans that run longer than 10 minutes. List all medium or higher priority vulnerabilities discovered. Also list any key differences in the different reports generated by Nessus (on one scan type only).

As an alternative, if you are bored with Nessus run a vulnerability scan of your home network with OpenVAS or Saint (both with Nessus in the Applications | BackTrack | Vulnerability Assessment | Vulnerability Scanners menu). Report on the key differences between Nessus and your chosen tool. Make sure to note any vulnerabilities you discovered during scanning.

Due: Sunday 9/25/2011 via Blackboard


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