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My general course policies apply to this course.


We will have homework assignments throughout the quarter. These are individual assignments that must be done on your own. Most often they will be used to make sure you have installed, configured and ran the various tools we will be using in Lab. Typically submissions will consist of output or screen shots of the tools covered in the homework. Late home work is not accepted. All submissions will be via Blackboard.


Labs are a major component of this course. Early labs will cover basic skills needed by network security professionals such as networking and basic Linux tools/commands. For our course project we will be creating, hardening and testing (hacking) a mock network which will include: firewalls, intrusion detection systems, databases, web servers, etc. Teams will be assigned network components or systems that they will be responsible for configuring, deploying and protecting.


The grading breakdown for the quarter grade is specified in the table below. Successfully completing all work in the four areas below is a prerequisite for passing the course.

Criterion Weight
Labs 45%
Homework 15%
Midterm Exam 20%
Final Exam 20%

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