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Using this Site

This site is intended to be the primary content stream for students enrolled in this course. I have set this site up to support RSS, Facebook, SMS, Twitter and email notifications. Continue reading to find the ways you can integrate this stream into your individual communication workflow.


I will not generally send emails to the class, except for last minute announcements. Instead I will post important information to this site. If you would like to get course updates via email select one of the following options:

  • Get a free account at and subscribe to the blog for your course. You can configure WP to forward new posts to your email account.
  • To get a RSS feed forwarded to email requires a service like Feed My Inbox. This service is free and fairly easy to use.
  • You can also add RSS streams in Outlook. Even if you don’t use Outlook, the feeds will show up in Webmail underFolders | RSS Feeds.


All of my course RSS feeds are redirected to Facebook Pages. Simply Like the page for the course you are taking with me and the page’s information will be added to your News Feed. You can also use Facebook to send SMS updates to your phone by clicking the “Subscribe via SMS” link on the Facebook page after you have Liked it.

Facebook Page for this course


I am @benuphoff on Twitter. I don’t use it much for anything except publishing course content. Feel free to follow me and get your course info that way.

On Your Phone

This web site is automatically optimized for mobile browsers. If you want additional means of accessing course content on your phone see below.

  • Facebook Mobile web interface or Mobile App: The Facebook mobile apps and mobile web interface for most smart phones will allow you to get course content in your News Feed if you have followed the instructions in the Facebook section above.
  • RSS readers: See the RSS section below for suggestions on using RSS readers on a smart phone.
  • Non-smartphone: you can get SMS updates by Liking the course on Facebook and then clicking “Subscribe via SMS”. You could also configure a Twitter account to send you texts if you follow @benuphoff.
  • Twitter: download a Twitter app for your phone and follow @benuphoff.

RSS Readers

All course content is categorized and made available using RSS. There are a variety of RSS readers available for various platforms. Below are several options however you can probably find more solutions by searching the Web for “RSS reader” and your chosen platform name.

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